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You might wonder how your chat sessions actually perform. In the past, LiveChatInc limited the number of seats and not agents, whereby you could add as many agents as you wanted, but a seat could only be occupied by one agent at a time. Now, unfortunately, you’ll have to pay per agent, thus making it a fair bit more expensive for companies with numerous agents. LiveChat provides a fantastic user experience due to its polished interfaces and great features. Thanks to the Marketplace, it’s easy to add extra functionality.

There are also pre-chat and offline chat consent forms for GDPR compliance, and the software complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. As for the product itself, the user interface is intuitively laid out with the main dashboard showing team metrics, transcripts, agent activity, and chat volume. And if you’d like to remove "Powered by Olark" on the chatbox, $59/month will let do that and add your own brand.

Once a chat visitor is created as a contact with an email, this contact record will be associated with them, whether they come back for another chat, fill out a website form, or send an email. All of these interactions will be recorded in their CRM record. During a chat, agents can securely collect social security numbers, take credit card payments, or gather secure notes from the customer with just a few clicks within the chat window. Once the customer provides the requested info and submits, they’ll be sent a chat receipt notification.

Each setting includes a brief explanation of its purpose with intuitive, visual instructions for set up and activation. You’d be hard-pressed to get stuck setting up your chat, but if you do, each plan comes with 24x7x365 phone, email, and chat support plus an extensive knowledge base. Live chat companies should be using chat on their own site and be responsive and effective in answering questions . They should also be listed with mostly positive reviews on peer-to-peer sites—we looked at only companies with an 80% or higher overall customer satisfaction rate.

For instance, as customers can leave feedback, you can see if this has improved over time. Or were there some tough cases that you could have solved better? Their statistics will tell you if your quality improves or if it’s getting worse. Thanks to real-time metrics you can see immediately how many visitors are online and if you have enough staff to handle them all.

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You can create unlimited surveys, adding custom colors and fonts, and using either a 5-star format or the 10-point Net Promoter Score , making it easy for the customer to answer quickly. You design the questions asked and deploy them post-chat in the chat window or via link in text, social media, or email. Then track the survey results in analytics by agent or company overall.

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Hide the chat bar when you are offline or change it into a contact form. There is even a full-blown ticketing system that lets you answer questions directly from within LiveChat. The ‘greetings,’ as they call them, can be customized with rules that you define. There is no really elegant way of hiding the chat window in case you only want to use triggered chat invitations.

Offline messages go directly into this channel and can be handled more easily by your team with different statuses . The highest plan “Enterprise” has some exclusive features like a product training for your agents, legal assistance and a key account manager. Overall, both users and agents benefit from a high-security standard. Since you collect sensitive user data, it’s absolutely essential to have a high-security standard.

Interestingly, their user interface looks very much inspired by Zendesk Chat. Plenty of details and features were simply copied over, which is a bit sad, really . As mentioned above, chat support software is becoming increasingly popular, especially with younger, more tech-savvy generations. A feature that sets them apart from their competition is the ticketing system.

Therefore, LiveChatInc secures every conversation with a 256-bit SSL encryption. LiveChat will also send you reports to understand what has happened.