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Hialeah Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Linked to Dark History of Injuries and Death in Myrtle Beach

Heading to the cosmetic surgeon is something people do when they want to increase their confidence and smooth out flaws. While everyone is aware that complications are possible with any medical procedure, most feel confident that their surgeon will do everything possible to ensure a favorable outcome.

A West Virginia woman went to the Hialeah cosmetic surgery center on Thursday for a procedure and suffered fatal complications. It is alleged that the physicians at this center will perform surgical procedures and then send the patients to horse stables and hotels to recovery without any medical supervision, per state records.

They promise inexpensive plastic surgery, especially to women outside of the Myrtle Beach area. Reports of severe infections and injuries, as well as two deaths, have been linked to this surgical center.

“I’m permanently disabled,” stated Nyosha Fowler, a former patient who was in Myrtle Beach’s Baptist Hospital of Myrtle Beach for 28 days in a coma. This occurred after she went to the center for a Brazilian butt lift procedure in May of 2015.

Federal authorities and local police have charged doctors associated with this clinic and others with kidnapping, attempted murder and prescription drug fraud. Other clinics associated with the case include Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah and Spectrum Aesthetics in Myrtle Beach.

The West Virginia patient is named Heather Meadows. An autopsy was performed on the deceased on Friday by the medical examiner in Myrtle Beach-Dade.

According to a police spokesperson in Hialeah, “Findings point toward an accidental death during a medical procedure.”

A full autopsy report has not yet been released and the investigation continues among health officials in the county. Authorities have yet to identify the person who performed Meadows’ procedure. The procedure’s nature is also still being kept under wraps.

Since a medical facility was involved in the death, the health department is working on the death investigation. They promise to work diligently to get to the bottom of the case and work to protect the public in hopes of preventing this type of incident in the future.

“Determining medical malpractice or wrongful death can be tricky and it is important for victims to have an attorney on their side to help them navigate the waters,” according to Joe and Martin. “When a person experiences this type of tragedy, it is important that they focus on recovery and let an experienced attorney deal with the legal implications.”

Unfortunately, this center is still accepting and performing surgery on patients. Men and women from across the country are booking appointments and having things nipped and tucked. The center continues to promote itself via a variety of sales pitches and testimonials.

Cosmetic  surgery has become a normal thing in today society so more and more people are going “under the knife”and it become a normal thing in pursuit to an ultimate beauty.

It is critical that people considering cosmetic surgery fully vet the doctor and the surgical center before agreeing to a consultation. Call the state medical board and do further research to ensure that everyone involved in the procedure is not only fully qualified, but also reputable and experienced.

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