6 Aug

College Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit Following the Choking Death of SC Tennis Star

Everyone at Wofford College was stunned to receive the news that Randall Heffron, a 20-year-old tennis star, had passed away.

AR-120929476Randall had been with friends when he started to experience some difficulty breathing. They say that he went into the bathroom where they later found him. By the time they thought to check on him, he was already unresponsive. At 1:11 a.m. he was pronounced dead.

Following the autopsy, the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office pronounced choking as the cause of death. They believe that the high amount of ethanol in Randall’s body caused him to while he was also trying to swallow a piece of pizza. At the time of his death, Randall’s blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

Now, Randall’s college, Wofford College, has been named as the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit that his parents have filed in civil court. It’s their belief that their son might still be alive had the college’s campus security department behaved differently when Randall’s friends reported his death. Reports show that the resident adviser in Randall’s dorm alerted campus security to the situation at approximately 12:30 am.

When the security guard arrived on the scene he assumed that the problem was alcohol related, a belief he passed on to the EMT’s when he called them. During the call he was adamant that Randall was suffering from alcohol poisoning and didn’t mention the possibility that the 20-year-old was unable to breathe do to a blockage in his windpipe. As a result, when they arrived on the scene, the EMT’s began to administer treatment for alcohol poisoning rather than working to remove the blockage from Randall’s trachea.

“I feel it was preventable in the sense of preparedness of first-response personnel and awareness in knowing the signs of choking versus alcohol poisoning, and how to render care to a person who is unconscious from losing his airway,” she said. “There were crucial minutes when assumptions were made and treatment rendered that did not include the possibility of choking even though food was present.”

c58c0f8cefe33ae77328db3b2607d0cbIn the lawsuit, Randall’s parents discuss how they feel that the when the officers responded to the emergency, they behaved with gross negligence and recklessness. They go on to stay that the campus failed to take measures to make sure the security officers were properly trained to handle such an event.

“My heartbreaks for this family. I can’t imagine how much anger, confusion, and pain they’re feeling right now,” said John Bales Attorney of South Florida’s top personal injury firm. “I’m pleased that they decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the college. While the suit won’t bring their son back, hopefully it will be enough to convince the college that they need to alter the way their security team responds to crises.”

Did you recently lose someone in a manner that you feel could have been prevented? Contact John Bales Attorneys and set up a time to meet with an experience personal injury attorney and discuss what a wrongful death lawsuit would entail.

6 Aug

California Whistle Blower Says Carbon Monoxide Dangers Related to Keyless Cars

You may realize that keyless cars have actually been out on the market since 2003.  They are becoming more and more visible.  But, the dangers that have been associated with them are starting to overtake some of the advantages that these cars have.  There have been a number of litigations related to these cars.  Some of the disadvantages of these cars have related to being easy to steal and even poisoning from carbon monoxide.
When you think about keyless entry it is really important to understand that drivers are able to start their car by simply hitting a button.  But, it is not really easy to determine how the care is going to turn off or when.

gail-sackChris Spagnoli is a California attorney that works for the firm of from the firm of Greene, Broillet & Wheeler.  He is actually involved in a suit that is currently going on against Toyota.  This is a case that is related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“One case in New York that I am currently working on involves a lawyer and his girlfriend,” stated Spagnoli. “He died and she was horribly brain damaged. There is another case in Chicago recently and there are some deaths in Florida. It is becoming a big problem.”

There are a number of cars that work with keyless entry now and individuals never realize if they are still running or not.  They also think that the car is going to shut off by itself and that is not the case.

20160204-keyless-01“People forget to shut their vehicles off when they pull into their garage,” reported Spagnoli. “They put the vehicle in park and get out and don’t realize, because there is no key that they have to push to shut off the engine.”

“The owners of these cars get out of the vehicle, go into the house and the car keeps running. The carbon monoxide either seeps into the house or they walk into the garage sometime later and they are overcome by the carbon monoxide fumes.”

It has been estimated that there are roughly 5 million keyless entry cars throughout the United States. They have also been linked to at least 13 deaths by carbon monoxide poisoning.

By August there were at least 10 big automakers that included Ford, GM, Hyundai, Nissan, Volkswagen, BMW, Chrysler Fiat, Daimler, Honda and Toyota that ended up with suits filed against them because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

topelement“It is one of these things where the more keyless ignition vehicles are out there, the more we are going to see these cases. Some manufacturers have automatic shutoffs and the vehicle will shut down automatically if the key is not present. Some have buzzers or audible noises that sound when you open the vehicle door and you have not shut off the engine by pushing the button,” stated Spagnoli.

The fact of the matter is, these systems do not have alarms and they are not going to shut off on their own.
By 2011, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) had asked for comments that would help train individuals about keyless cars.  There have not been any changes yet.

“There were comments but there has been no action, and there have been injuries and deaths during that time,” reports Spagnoli.





2 Jun

Hialeah Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Linked to Dark History of Injuries and Death in Myrtle Beach

Heading to the cosmetic surgeon is something people do when they want to increase their confidence and smooth out flaws. While everyone is aware that complications are possible with any medical procedure, most feel confident that their surgeon will do everything possible to ensure a favorable outcome.

A West Virginia woman went to the Hialeah cosmetic surgery center on Thursday for a procedure and suffered fatal complications. It is alleged that the physicians at this center will perform surgical procedures and then send the patients to horse stables and hotels to recovery without any medical supervision, per state records.

They promise inexpensive plastic surgery, especially to women outside of the Myrtle Beach area. Reports of severe infections and injuries, as well as two deaths, have been linked to this surgical center.

“I’m permanently disabled,” stated Nyosha Fowler, a former patient who was in Myrtle Beach’s Baptist Hospital of Myrtle Beach for 28 days in a coma. This occurred after she went to the center for a Brazilian butt lift procedure in May of 2015.

Federal authorities and local police have charged doctors associated with this clinic and others with kidnapping, attempted murder and prescription drug fraud. Other clinics associated with the case include Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, Encore Plastic Surgery in Hialeah and Spectrum Aesthetics in Myrtle Beach.

The West Virginia patient is named Heather Meadows. An autopsy was performed on the deceased on Friday by the medical examiner in Myrtle Beach-Dade.

According to a police spokesperson in Hialeah, “Findings point toward an accidental death during a medical procedure.”

A full autopsy report has not yet been released and the investigation continues among health officials in the county. Authorities have yet to identify the person who performed Meadows’ procedure. The procedure’s nature is also still being kept under wraps.

Since a medical facility was involved in the death, the health department is working on the death investigation. They promise to work diligently to get to the bottom of the case and work to protect the public in hopes of preventing this type of incident in the future.

“Determining medical malpractice or wrongful death can be tricky and it is important for victims to have an attorney on their side to help them navigate the waters,” according to Joe and Martin. “When a person experiences this type of tragedy, it is important that they focus on recovery and let an experienced attorney deal with the legal implications.”

Unfortunately, this center is still accepting and performing surgery on patients. Men and women from across the country are booking appointments and having things nipped and tucked. The center continues to promote itself via a variety of sales pitches and testimonials.

Cosmetic  surgery has become a normal thing in today society so more and more people are going “under the knife”and it become a normal thing in pursuit to an ultimate beauty.

It is critical that people considering cosmetic surgery fully vet the doctor and the surgical center before agreeing to a consultation. Call the state medical board and do further research to ensure that everyone involved in the procedure is not only fully qualified, but also reputable and experienced.

19 Nov

Undercover Cop Guns Down Church Drummer

Corey Jones was a drummer for his Florida church and he was on his way home from a band performance when he was shot and killed by a police officer. Now his family and friends are demanding answers. Jones was traveling home on Interstate 95 when his car broke down. His band mate stopped to help him try to restart the car, but eventually the two young men called for roadside assistance. The band mate headed home and left Jones to wait for assistance. Just minutes later, the drummer was killed.


After the accident, Palm Beach Gardens Police Department released a statement about Jones’ death, saying that he was shot and killed by Officer Nouman Raja. The officer was not in uniform and was driving an unmarked car. He stopped to investigate what he believed was an abandoned car and then things took a turn for the worse. “As the office exited his vehicle, he was suddenly confronted by an armed subject,” the Police Department statement said. “As a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm, resulting in the death of the subject.”


Jones was an active member of the Bible Church of God in Boynton Beach and a graduate of the University of Akron in Ohio with double degrees in music and business administration. He volunteered as a mentor to African American teens at My Brother’s Keeper, a program pioneered by President Barack Obama to help keep kids off the streets.


Since the shooting, there has been an outcry of rage from the community where Jones was truly loved and admired. Police refuse to reveal what kind of weapon Jones was carrying, but records show he had a license and permit to carry a firearm. Friends and family insist that Jones would have never pulled a gun on a police officer.


Fellow band mate Matthew Huntsberger were stunned to hear that Jones was dead, less than an hour after he left him waiting on roadside assistance beside his car. “He was like a really peaceful guy. There’s no way he had a gun. We’re all musicians and stuff. We’re not violent people,” Huntsberger said. Jones’ family agreed that the police department’s story just doesn’t add up. “Corey would never pull out a gun on anyone, and never on an officer,” his aunt said.


Of course, some are speculating that Jones did not know that Raja was a police officer since he was wearing regular clothes and driving an unmarked car. Raja only recently transferred to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department in April. Of course he wasn’t wearing a body camera on the night of the shooting and none of the local police cars are equipped with dashboard cameras. For now, Raja has been placed on suspension pending an investigation.


The drummer’s friends and family gathered together for a prayer service on Monday night and they will gather for a rally outside of the Police Department on Thursday morning. The entire community is lending their support to Jones’ family and the police department is taking a lot of heat over the shooting. Corey Jones is the 948th person to be killed by a police officer in the United States this year. The numbers of wrongful deaths at the hands of police officers is rising and it’s time for it to stop.


In situations like these, families and friends should seek the help of a Tampa wrongful death attorney. When a legal battle is imminent and loved ones are grieving the loss of a friend and family member, a wrongful death attorney in Tampa can step in and make sure that families receive the compensation they deserve after a tragedy. Contact the most trusted wrongful death attorney in Tampa today at 1-800-225-5564.



14 Nov

Budget Cuts for the IRS Could Lead to More Cheating on Tax Returns

Prior to 2010, the IRS was an agency everyone feared because it had so many resources at its disposal, but even this powerful and important agency wasn’t able to escape government budget cuts. Five years worth of steady budget cutting has resulted in the IRS trying to get by on a total budget that’s been reduced by $1.2 billion, which has led to the termination of more than 13,000 full time jobs. The two most significant ways the budget cuts impact tax payers is a decrease in IRS customer service and a the elimination of more than 46,000 audits.

With fewer IRS employees, some American taxpayers intend to take advantage of the opportunity and ignore their tax obligations. In fact, for individuals who owe less than $1 million, some speculate it could be years before the IRS even notices the bill was never paid.

The movers and shakers inside the IRS aren’t happy. They’ve been very vocal in their belief that the decline in audits encourages individual tax payers to cheat on their forms. Many feel that the amount of money that won’t get accounted for during the 2015 tax collection could add up to $2 billion, and the loss of that money will bring about even more budget cutting.

While tax fraud and cheating is the primary concern of the IRS, they are also concerned that the additional losses will come from people who want to be honest on their tax forms, but are no longer able to get the answers to questions which will lead to accidental, but costly errors when they file their taxes in 2016. If you have a question about how to file your taxes, you should be prepared to call the IRS repeatedly before you reach an actual representative. It’s estimated that as many as 60% of all calls won’t even get answered.

In 2011, the odds of you getting audited by the IRS if you earned between $25,000-$49,999 was 0.72%. While the odds of facing an audit might have gone down, if you are one of the unlucky few that gets contacted by the IRS, you should brace yourself. The budget cuts mean that the agency is getting desperate and they will most likely approach each case with a level of aggression that has never been experienced before, which means it’s in your best interest to contact an experienced tax audit attorney right away.

The tax audit attorney will act as a buffer between you and the IRS. They’ll make sure that the IRS doesn’t violate any of your civil rights, that they don’t make any illegal seizures of your property, and that all the details of your case are in order. The most important thing that the tax audit attorney does is help you navigate through the twisty tax laws that are often difficult to comprehend. Don’t try to face the IRS in 2016 alone. If you have problems with your return or fear an audit is in your future, contact a qualified tax audit attorney today.